US Army Muslim Chaplain James Yee talk

US Army Muslim Chaplain James Yee

Photo credit: Rob Miller

US Army Muslim Chaplain James Yee gave his first ever talk in the UK at Lancaster University on Wednesday, November 28, 2007. Addressing a crowd of nearly 200 people, Chaplain Yee addressed one of the programme themes of ‘designing safe citizens’ by reflecting on his experiences as a US Armny Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and his subsequent wrongful arrest on charges of spying for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Chaplain Yee was designated a US enemy combatant, subjected to sensory deprivation, and held in solidary confinement for 76 days before all charges against him were dropped.

guantanamo bay prisoners sensory deprivation

Guantanamo bay prisoners on arrival are subject to complete sensory deprivation with the use of blacked out googles, ear guards and face masks.


5 Responses

  1. I hate Camp Delta. I think it is a sick place and should be closed down!

    ACT NOW!!!!!

    • Oh please. These are terrorists that kill innocent people. I have no sympathy for any of those poor excuses for humans. Keep Guantanamo open!!!

  2. I hate Guantanamo bay with every sinle drop of my blood and i fully support the urgent call for its closure.The whole idea is so barbaric,uncivilised,outdated,uncultured and ungodly.I remind the US that the purnishmnet God will award them will make the purnishment he gave to Soddomo and Gommoro sound like a Sunday school picnic.

  3. ok ooh tortue scare the shit out of people for all who dont know these are terrorests they tried to destroy america remember 9/11 terrorests! these people tried to hijack planes so they could crash in to other places like pentagon and the white house!
    so its wroung to stop ptotecting our country from people who want us all dead!Makes perfect sense!!!!!!!!!
    one word describes this all:Suicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The use of things like sensory deprivation is uncalled for, Yes i agree that these man and women that commit these terrorist attacks against places like the US need to be punished and prosecuted, BUT it needs to be done properly with in the eyes of your laws and if not out legal laws out moral laws. Have you ever been treated unfairly by a parent of teacher regardless of what you have done that is the same thing your doing to these people yes they have made violent acts against our countries but they are still human beings just like you and me and there is no reason to be torturing them and stooping to there level of humanity. That is exactly what troops in Guantanamo Bay are doing there becoming just like the terrorist that tried to bomb your country and crashed into the twin towers should we not be at a stage in humanity that we have learn how to be the bigger person and not stoop to the level of a terrorist who has taken innocent peoples lives what dose that say for our humanity and for our morals that its ok for use to make this acts of violence and torture against you but you can’t make them towards anyone else or even with in your own country. We need to make up our minds are we going to be against the acts of violence and discrimination and deceit these people believe in or are we going to continue to do the same thing they are just in our own way if so we need to get out of Afghanistan and Al’haida because we are just being hypocritical its uncalled for. Think about it if those were Canadians or Americans in there going threw the same treatment that those troops are administering on those men we would be in there in a heart beat doing what ever it is we can to get them out of there. So what make us better then them we are all people we all have values and beliefs, families and lives we have two legs and heart beat in the end no matter where we come from what color of our skin we are all the same we are all human so what makes it ok to torture one set of humans and not the other, nothing so yes these men need to be punished but only in the same manner we would punish people from our own countries.

      Grade 12 Student from Ontario Canada

      Kierstian Chambers

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