Goggle jackets are the new hoodies!

goggle jackets

A watered down version of some of Vexed Generation’s fashion range (mentioned earlier) have definitely become the new hoodie! The goggle jackets have been produced by a variety of fashion labels including Emporio Armani and Stone Island but have now been copied enough that they are cheap and available to buy for young people. The ultimate in CCTV surveillance protection for the individual!

Check out CP Company’s version too>

8 Responses

  1. i think the jackets are a really good idea, its the new fashion for under eighteen’s, the original jackets, unlike the cheap imatation nylon copy’s are fully weather proof. although there is the case on older people finding it ”intimidating” becuase of not being able to identify passer by’s, however the jacket itself is not the problem, its the people using it. if it wasent this is would only be a hoodie and a scarf worn to hide the face.

  2. the jakctes have now been made ilegal if you have them zipped up with the goggles in if the “hood” is up with no goggles in then the police cant do anythin!

  3. Ter very handi in police chases and yhe police cant see you so buy won now…

  4. well i think there well cool i have one and i have no bother with the police i get asked if i can remove the goggles when im in shops but otherwise theres no problam i have a £70 version and a stone isand version but i prefer whearing the £70 one because its light and better if ure getting chased by the police

    and i dont see why the should be made ilegal there one of the best ideas in a long time would be good if mr gordan brown was wearing one (Y) but basiclly there amazing for anyone thinking of buying one (:

  5. i have a Location Jacket and i love it. i dont run about with the goggles up, its just a novelty.

    The only thing im getting angry about is that police are trying to ban them but yet, they let these foreign women walk about with there faces fully covered. i had to research on this and i found that it is in no way part of there religion to do so.

    so all i have to say is “Don’t even think about trying to ban them as it isnt going to happen while these women still have there faces covered!”

  6. listen rite these are not a problem they are just jackets so if somebody was in the street and had swimming goggles on and a scarf would you be writing this now thank you very much end this subject a wicked jcket should not be judged wrongly

  7. These jackets are ridiculous, intimidating and only seem to be being comented on by some young thugs who probably use them to go out joy riding or stealing. I mean please! you can tell by the level of language/ vocabulary (Or lack of) that these individuals are not of high intelligence. I think they should be banned because some silly criminals will do what they always do and use them for harm i.e. Rape/ Murder.

  8. Hey,
    just passing by and found this very interesting article on this rather fancy coat.
    My mates got one of these coats and it made me laugh. Its not asif he’s the type who runs in a shop either and goes… Oi you…. “Gimme ya farkin moneys now you slags!!!” … So lets get off that band wagon!

    Its obviously the best invention i’ve seen for wanna be Ronnie biggs train robbin bad boys and girls.

    At the end of the day, its a coat with goggles in a hood. Mainly part of the fashion scene for being indivual and diff, but its a bit far out i’d say banning this as an item of clothing, like someone said on here, Them “Letter Box women” get away with it, so why not us youngsters?

    Now im not against CCTV, but it is a bit intruding shall we say. but its also a great invention. Shame i didnt have it when my car was stolen. Now that’s for personal reason’s… But this coat is awesome for when your not up for being in with the rest of the world and want to be a bit different for a day or two, or even better in a blizzard or a sand storm, but i dont come across those very often in Buckinghamshire.
    So one thing it is good for is hiding my face when im out on the town and up for scaring people whilst i lurk in the dark and jump out and stab you up.

    only kidding…

    Im just bored of Elders opinions on us youngsters what with our fashions or brands or modified cars…
    So in once sence. Shut up you moany fudge packing badger poo’s about this cool coat….

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