Nothing but the TRUTH


Hosted by Jerry Springer, Nothing But The Truth is a new game show that promises to shock at every turn. Based on a popular Colombian gameshow, it is the very first TV show where contestants win money for telling the truth. Contestants are hooked up to a lie-detector and asked a tailored set of increasingly personal questions about their life:

· Do you have a secret bank account your wife doesn’t know about?
· Have you ever had an affair with one of your friend’s other halves?
· Have you ever worn your wife’s underwear without her knowing?
· Are you an easy lay?
· Is your wife the most attractive person you’ve slept with since you’ve been married?

The programme is now on SKY ONE but has already been blamed for a marriage break-up>

A viral campaign designed by The Red Brick Road generated thought-provoking stickers to be placed in key thinking space/time areas eg: At the gym


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