Workshop 5:New Organs of Perception by Susanna Soares

part 1

New organs of perception

Download Susanna’s presentation> new organs of perception

Susanna Soares is a recent graduate form the MA Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art, She is currently a researcher/lecturer at Syracuse University in Upstate New York. Susanna’s work explores the current and the future implication of nano, bio and genetic technologies and how it is changing our perceptions of evolution.

Genetics and screening has increased. Genetics is big business: 23andme versus the man who has bought his own genome map + enabling an African man to learn of his white dna. How can knowing our identity via genome mapping/screening change our perceptions? IVF increasing over the years: designing our babies to be healthy and cancer free as for example: the couple who learned that their child had the cancer gene.

Consequences: Kate Douglas, New Scientist, 06/2006. Lifting anonymity of sperm donations has changed. 50% union between siblings, those who find their genetic biological make up is from the same family.

Part1New organs to perceive genetically comfortable mates for better offspring. New organs: genetic trace via hairy nails: new welcoming etiquette. Mouse whiskers that we grow can be used to understand the environment. Women and facial hair. Susanna shows a demo/video of how people interact with new organs of perception.

Part 2 How we perceive our genetic matching mate. Sniffing our partner via smell augmentation. Sniffing others: a timeline of objects and how our perception of smell will evolve. Timeline of interactions From 2010: armpit less t-shirts, 2017: stimulate via nose plugs to stimulate our smells and reconnect areas that are falling in to disuse. In 2057 we will genetically alter our perceptions.

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  1. […] New organ of perception Susanna Soares récemment diplomé du MA Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art, a exploré la manière dont les bio et nano technologies peuvent faire évoluer le corps. Au menu, des doigts avec des brosses tactiles, des cheveux antennes ou des dispositifs pour augmenter l’odorat. Pour découvrir son travail. […]

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