Workshop 5: Extreme Green Guerrillas by Michiko Nitta

Michiko Nitta graduated from the MA Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art in 2007 and presented her recent work of the Extreme Green Guerrillas (EGGs).

Her starting points for this work came from the fact that environmental damage is extreme and the ordinary green people are in fear from upcoming disaster but the extreme green people are activists who use fear yet still are locked into the consumer cycle. The current green solutions are not working and we are only making tiny steps forward: they are hypocritical green solutions. The EGGs try to go beyond human consumerism and create their own amateur self sustaining collective. Extreme to save the earth, enjoy good quality of life.

The EGGs main objectives are to discuss green issues and for people to question their lifestyle and point of view on climate change. The EGGs have a manifesto and the main drive behind the EGG’s own view on life is that humans are a cancer on the earth. This has been very much inspired by James Lovelock and his Gaia hypothesis. That living and nonliving parts of the earth are a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism.

There are three aspects of the EGG’s way of life that Michiko has focused upon: Communication, Food and Death. Each of these aspects of life for the EGG has been produced as a manual for the EGGS to learn and distribute throughout the collective. It is away of documenting a belief system.

1) How would you communicate if you were an EGG? A conventional messaging system is integrated in to consumerism cycle. Animal messaging service: hack into the animal migrating paths. Using RFID .Animal migration routes: Plotted the whole animal migration route on map. Used messaging vehicles: birds, fish (mackerel, already tracked) but cheaper as they are less reliable whereas a whale is more expensive (have larger tags and therefore send more messages).Example of path of sending message from UK to NY via salmon, polar bears and birds. Local service: cats, dogs etc Track cats using RFID, some cats are more reliable than others and in Japan they all have tags.What about humans? EGG hack into human commuter system to send messages.

2) What would you eat if you were an EGG? Conventional breakfast: Organic and fair trade food is not green food. Conventional consumer vs. slow food delicacy but still not EGG food. Meat is the most inefficient food compared to vegetables or drink. Solution was to create a GM vermin/roadkill and gourmet meat: Pigeon and Quail: piguail or the Rabbit and Rat:rattit

3)How would you die if you were an EGG? The euthanizing earring that stops your life at 40 has a timer and gives you a peaceful death.

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