Lancaster University’s Institute for Advanced Studies Annual Research Programme: 2007 – 08

This research programme investigates ‘protection’ at the intersections of security, sciences, technologies, markets and design. Protection is at the heart of all design. Design is at the heart of the creation of new services, products, and relations. This research programme investigates how design of objects, systems, places, and services engender feelings of safety for individuals and groups. It particularly focuses on the intersection of design and specific sciences and technologies.

See more about the research programme here.

Jessica Charlesworth is the programme rapporteur and attends each workshop reporting the various discussion topics to create an engaging platform for interdisciplinary thinking.

Please visit Jessica’s own research blog “The Future of Self Knowledge”

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  1. […] first met Stuart during the Lancaster University  ‘Designing Safe Living’ Conference last July whilst I was the programme rapporteur for the resarch programme. He is a fantastically […]

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