Elderly couple mistaken for being marijuana growers.

An elderly couple who bought a pink-flowering perennial to brighten up their garden found their home and street targeted by the police and a gang of armed drug users after the innocent-looking plant began to give off a scent similar to cannabis. Link

Pink ladies:Private cabby service for women only passengers

via PinkLadies and BBC

Top 9 political risk hot spots of 2008

In a series of nine reports, Eurasia Group identifies the key regions around the world where political risk will be especially acute in the coming year. Locations include the usual suspects including the US, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan/Afghanista, Russia, South Africa + Turkey. They also flag up some red herrings in the risk survey!  In addition, they look at several long term risks that they view as emerging political risk trends.

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Eurasia Group have also developed a more comprehensive, systematic approach for evaluating a country’s political stability and risk. Below you will see Screenshots from the online country stability ranking web tool: have a look yourself



Nothing but the TRUTH


Hosted by Jerry Springer, Nothing But The Truth is a new game show that promises to shock at every turn. Based on a popular Colombian gameshow, it is the very first TV show where contestants win money for telling the truth. Contestants are hooked up to a lie-detector and asked a tailored set of increasingly personal questions about their life:

· Do you have a secret bank account your wife doesn’t know about?
· Have you ever had an affair with one of your friend’s other halves?
· Have you ever worn your wife’s underwear without her knowing?
· Are you an easy lay?
· Is your wife the most attractive person you’ve slept with since you’ve been married?

The programme is now on SKY ONE but has already been blamed for a marriage break-up>

A viral campaign designed by The Red Brick Road generated thought-provoking stickers to be placed in key thinking space/time areas eg: At the gym


Visions of the Future BBC4 series- Dr. Michio Kaku

VOTF_Honda Asimo

VOTF_growing bladder

Last November BBC 4 ran a three part series called “Visions of the Future” presented by Dr. Michio Kaku. Here he discusses a range of emerging future related topics from robots & brain pacemakers to in-vitro grown organs and meat to the theories and practices of Neil Gerschenfeld’s self fabrication bits & atoms department at the MIT. YouTube clips for each episode: intelligence , biotech, quantum

Bronislaw Szerszynski, a Senior Lecturer and Director of CSEC (The Centre for the Study of Environmental Change now based in Lancaster’s Department of Sociology) has critiqued the series.

To read the review please download from here> Szerszynski’s critique of Dr. Michio Kaku’s Visions of the Future BBC4 series

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