Workshop 5: Borderline Security Theatre by Andrew Clement

What is the future of airport security?

Andrew Clement (Professor of Information Studies, University 0f Toronto)
Borderline Security Theatre: Performing asymmetric risk with no-fly lists and biometric identification.

>Download Andre’s presentation: andrew-clement.ppt

Andrew is Computer Scientist originally, reformed one and now more interested in relationship between computer system, digital infrastructure, social organisation and issues that are implicated by these systems. Focusing on privacy, surveillance, the dark side of these infrastructures and positive ones.

How to address recurring atrocious uses of complex assemblage of digital uses. How can we imagine them being designed differently? Technology that is used within borders: tech development and political strategic rhetorical developments. Roberts talk of borders and Mexican borders. Andrew is from Canada, and will discuss border with US. + Canada. Not talking about physical fences but institutional and technological fences built over the past few years.

Summary: How the border is created in different places and moments.Ways in which formal governemnt processes are used and subverted in creating new borders.Biological and physical bodies. Imperative to tie your biomedical data to the records of you crossing the borders: biometric UK leading example of problematic issues surrounding ID cards.

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