WORKSHOP 4: Protocols, Procedures and Institutions

4-5 February 2008

Venue and times

Meeting Room 2-3 Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster
2pm 4 February – 4pm 5 February 2008


This workshop stages an encounter between design interaction practitioners from the Royal College of Art, London, and academic experts from Lancaster University to consider the relationship between speculative thinking about safe living and the practical design and communication of safe living. RCA practitioners will begin by presenting a scenario of an alternative future in which academic experts are invited to consider how citizens (broadly conceived) will be called upon to negotiate obligations and responsibilities in relation to safety and protection. During the two-day workshop, academic experts will be guided by RCA graduates through a series of practical design protocols and procedures aimed at considering citizen obligations and responsibilities in relation to safe living.

RCA Graduates will include Jessica Charlesworth, Michael Burton, Jon Arden, Michiko Nitta, James King, Tanya Rainsley, Susanna Soares, Revital Cohen and Tuur Van-Balen

Programme of events

Monday, 4 February 2008
14.00-14.30 Registration & coffee
14.30-14.45 Welcome and Introduction
Cynthia Weber (Director, IAS Annual Research Programme andPolitics and IR, Lancaster University)
14.45-15.20 Introduction and briefing session for invited experts.
Procedures and Protocols for design thinking in speculative space.
Fiona Raby, Design Interactions Programme, Royal College of Art, London
15.20-16.20 Experts and Directors meet. Directors give brief summaries of their facilities and activities in the unregulated zone.
Six minute meetings
Students and Graduates of Design Interactions Programme,Royal College of Art, London
16.20-16.40 Afternoon Tea (time to digest and note down initial thoughts and recommendations)
16.40-17.40 New Initiatives and Partnerships: Session 1.
Experts bring their own experience and field to the table and speculate on the next steps forward for the unregulated zone.
17.40-17.50 Exit Poll
Some final thoughts and feedback to gauge the kinds of initiatives coming to the table.
Tuesday, 5 February 2008
10.00-10.30 Morning Coffee
10.30-11.00 Design proposals as medium for debate.
This will include an up-date of yesterday’s initiatives.
11.00-11.30 Design opportunities – The Institute, the service, the public.
11.30-12.00 Design opportunities – The home, the family, the community.
12.00-12.30 Design opportunities – The body, the individual, the psychology.
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.20 New Initiatives and Partnerships: Session 2.
Digestion and Contemplation.
A second iteration and a more critical look at which initiatives could become tools.
14.20 – 14.40 Afternoon Tea
14.40-15.30 The Debate? Where does it happen? What it means for today?

Workshop Materials

Please read the following materials before attending the workshop:

Confidential Memo

Full Map


Registration is free by emailing Anne-Marie Mumford. Please note that numbers are limited for this event, so we cannot guarantee that all those who register will be able to attend.


Cynthia Weber – Director, IAS Annual Research Programme, Lancaster University

Fiona Raby – Design Interactions Programme, Royal College of Art, London

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